Pipeline booster pressure pump
SLG vertical Pipleline booster Pump

SLG vertical Pipleline booster Pump

lift: 5-125m
flow: 6.2-1200m³/h
power: 0.75-500KW
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SLG vertical pipeline pump overview:

SLG vertical centrifugal pumps are our company adopts the virtue of IS centrifugal pumps’ performance parameters and vertical pump structure , strict accordance with international standard ISO2858 and the newest national standards designs successfully the efficient energy-saving products. They are the new vertical centrifugal pumps to replace IS horizontal pump, DL pump and other conventional products.
According to the different flow medium and temperature, design and manufacture SLRG hot pump, SLHG chemical pump, SLYG oil pump and SLHBG series products of same performance parameters.

SLG vertical pipeline pump characteristics:

  1. Axial direction is short, compact structure
  2. High efficiency, energy saving
  3. Low noise
  4. Reliable performance

SLG vertical pipeline pump applications:

  1. Water supply/distribution
  2. Pressure boosting system
  3. Garden sprinkler irrigation
  4. Lift water for cooling tower
  5. Long distance water delivery
  6. Water cycle


SLG vertical pipeline pump using condition:

1. The maximum working pressure of pump system ≤1.6MPa, pump inlet pressure + pump lift ≤1.6MPa , so when ordering please indicate the system working pressure. When the inlet pressure is greater than 0.4 MPa or the system working pressure is greater than 1.6MPa, please put forward when ordering , so that when manufacturing we can use copper materials in the pump flow portion and connection portion.
2. Applicable medium : water type non-corrosive liquids, solid insoluble matter volume content of the medium is no more than 0.01% of the unit volume , particle size is no more than 0.2mm, if the medium has fine particles , please indicate when ordering .
3. Ambient temperature doesn’t exceed 40°C,relative humidity is no more than 95%.